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Preparing Your Plumbing for Winter

As the cold season is right around the corner, many consumers forget to check around their home. Speedy Rooter wants to remind you that an improper prepped house can lead to a financial and major disaster in the middle of winter.

Remove & Disconnect The Garden Hose from Outside
Completely disconnect and remove all hoses outside. A Frozen hose can ruin the bib which can be very expensive.


Insulate Exposed Pipes
Exposed pipes in your home are the most likely to freeze. It’s fairly inexpensive to insulate and when paired with the cost of fixing one, you may want to invest in insulating them first. It also will help with your energy bills.


Repair The Leaking Toilet, or Shower Drip BEFORE winter
In winter things freeze, and any small leak can easily turn into a bigger problem when it freezes. It can crack the pipe, and items around it. Make sure to repair all leaks even the small ones.


Find Your Water Shut Off
Know where it is in the event you need to make an Emergency shut off decision to avoid major home disasters in the middle of winter. It’s important to keep a clear path as you never know when you need to get to it.

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