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Speedy Rooter FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions at Speedy Rooter

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What Types of Locations Do You Service?
We service Residential, Commercial, and Industrial plumbing locations.
Do You Service Water Heaters And Softeners?
 Yes we do.
I'm building a house, can you help with plumbing?
Yes we can, Speedy Rooter can install all the plumbing and piping needed for your new home or building. 
Do You do Licensed Time of Transfers in Sioux City and surrounding areas?
Yes we do, for those who are not familiar with this, The Iowa Senate passed the Time of Transfer Septic System Inspection Program which went into effect on July 1, 2009. This law mandated that every building or home with a septic system must have that system inspected prior to transfer of the deed. The County Recorder cannot record the deed or conveyance document without proof of inspection or binding document. Speedy Rooter is licensed to do this job, and accurately asses any system. 
What is directional boring? Or Horizontal Drilling?
Directional boring, commonly called horizontal directional drilling or HDD, is a method of installing underground pipes and conduits along a prescribed bore path from the surface, with minimal impact to the surrounding area.
Can you Install my septic system?
 Absolutely, for more information about what we do for septic systems, please visit our Septic Systems Page
How Do you ensure safety when dealing with underground pipes and systems?
 Safety is our number one priority when it comes to our workers. However, we have a camera system that allows it to be our eyes while we are remotely controlling it safely above the ground. If the issue below ground needs our attention, Speedy Rooter is equipped with safety gear and tools to fix the problem.
What types of drains do you service?
Pretty much any drain that carries water or sewage. Kitchen sinks, bathrooms, laundry rooms, storm drains, sanitary drains and systems
Can you find my leak?
Yes, with some of the latest technology, we should be able to. We have advanced sound detection to hear your leak, and we have cameras we can feed down your drain with video surveillance to see any cracks or issues.
What is water jetting?
 This a process of using high pressurized and safe water to clean and remove any clogs or build up in drains..
Can you pump my septic system?
Absolutely, for more information about what we do for septic systems, please visit our Septic Systems Page.


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