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Directional Drilling & Horizontal Boring

Directional drilling is a trenchless method of underground pipe installation.  Horizontal boring machines drill a pilot hole which is able to enter and exit at predetermined locations and even change direction to avoid underground obstructions and preexisting lines. From this pilot hole, a new sewer, water line, or conduit line can be established without a preexisting line – allowing for completely underground installation without the mess or expense of trenching!

Benefits of Directional Drilling

  • Avoid damage to your building, landscaping and hardscaping
  • Trenchless option for establishing a new line
  • Significant cost savings compared to conventional line installation methods
  • Shorter completion times & safer for the environment

How Does It Work?

  1. Establish A Pilot HoleAfter the site has been prepped, a horizontal boring machine (about the size of a golf cart) is moved into place and a bore head is connected to hollow pipe which enters the ground at an angle. As the bore head drills a pilot hole, additional pipe sections are added until the pilot hole is complete.
  2. Pilot Hole Enlarged For New LineAfter the boring head exists at a predetermined location at the other side of the run, a reamer is attached. Once attached, the reamer is pulled back through the line clearing soil and even rocks to expand the hole to a size that is 25% larger than the pipe that is to be inserted.
  3. New Line EstablishedOnce the hole has been prepared, a new line is pulled through the opening created. Once successfully in place the ends of the line are connected and the project is complete.

Why Choose Directional Boring?

  • Trenchless Method For Establishing New LinesIn the past, the only way to establish a new line was through expensive and damaging trenchwork. With directional boring you can get the advantages of trenchless methods where a preexisting line is either unavailable or needs to be relocated.
  • Saves MoneyA significant portion of the cost of a new line goes into digging for a new line and putting back excavated material.Tap into significant cost savings and skip the damage that comes with traditional methods used to establish new lines.
  • Saves TimeDrilling not only saves money, but it also creates a significant time savings.  Without trenches to dig or material to put back, the completion time on projects using drilling is significantly less than with conventional methods.

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