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While other companies may start with conventional methods for sewer pipe replacement – The Speedy Rooter Plumbing only considers conventional methods for situations when trenchless methods can’t be applied, or the rare circumstance that conventional methods are more cost effective for our customers. However, just because we are Speedy Rooter Plumbing doesn’t mean that we can’t handle the job when nothing but a trench will do.


  • Can be applied in circumstances where Trenchless methods cannot be used

How Does It Work


  1. Excavation To Expose Old LineExcavation equipment or a hand digging team is brought in to dig up the line that needs to be replaced, following from where it leaves the foundation out to the end of the run.  Areas such as patios, foundations, walkways, and landscaping is demolished along the way to provide access to the pipe below ground.
  2. New Line InstalledAfter the old line has been exposed and removed, a new line is placed into the trench created to remove the old line. The line is checked to ensure proper grade and alignment and then re-connected on either end.
  3. Excavated Materials Put BackAfter the new line is in place, the excavated material is put back into place and the trenches refilled.  As much landscaping elements as possible will be restored, but many times additional contractors are needed.

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