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Thankfully we live in 2017, where doctors, and surgeons can perform operations with pin-point accurate incisions using state of the art Cameras and technologies. They can monitor the entire process from the outside without having to make large incisions and guesswork.

If you live in Sioux City, or Sergeant Bluff, the same can be said when it comes to your household plumbing problems. Speedy Rooter is equipped with Camera Inspection Technology to help remotely look inside your drains and help spot problems without the need of replacing the entire system’s entirety.

Technology like this allows Speedy Rooter to isolate, patch, or replace the isolated problem itself without having to to dig up or replace your yard.

Some situations that would need this technology include:

  • Buying a home. Home inspections is a standard, however all big problems, almost always stem from a smaller problem at some point. Knowing just what you’re buying is crucial and, having a plumbing company that is on your side through the entire process is just where Speedy Rooter can help
  • Spotting the leak. If you know there is a puddle or water leak somewhere inside our outside your home, or perhaps your water bill is too high, thankfully we can feed a camera through and help solve the mystery for you relatively quick.
  • Eliminating Remodeling Guesswork. Let’s face it, not every house was just built last year, some of the homes in Siouxland are over a hundred years old, and most were built in the late 50’s. This makes it hard to find the blueprints to where pipes SHOULD be, and often gives us a lot of guess work. Thankfully these cameras help us find the pipes, and also help us identify the quality and structural integrity as well.

So remember, us the next time you run into a leak, or think you have a major problem on your hands. Odds are it might not be as big as you think.

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